Mantua Marlins

To register for the 2017 season of the Mantua Marlins swim team, visit this page:

Welcome to the Mantua Marlins Swim Team home page! The Mantua Marlins Swim Team is a vital summer and winter swim team program with over 200 swimmers participating. The Marlins are very fortunate to be led by Coaches Jeff and Sheryl King, two highly experienced and capable swim professionals.

The Mantua Marlins Swim Team is comprised of the regular “big” team and the Mini-Marlins. To be on the “big” Swim Team, a child must be able to swim a full length of the pool (25 meters) without fins and without stopping. The Minis typically are between 5 and 7 years of age and must be comfortable entering and moving unassisted through deep water. (All questions regarding the Minis should be addressed to Shannon Waters…click on “Contacts” information on left.)

The “big” Marlins practice every weekday in the morning; practice times are broken down by age group. Children on the “big” team (only) who are unable to attend the AM practices due to camp, etc., may attend practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Minis practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning. “Big” team practices begin a few weeks before school lets out at the JCC. The Minis begin practice the week after school lets out. Both groups of swimmers continue to practice through most of July.

The Marlins participate in two different leagues, the “A” and the “B” (also known as the “Developmental”) leagues. For the 2017 season, the Mantua Marlins will swim “A” league meets with teams in the NVSL Division 7. Participation in the “A” meets is determined by the coaches, by looking at times and ability. The “B” meets are open to all swimmers (except as noted in the “Developmental Meet Guidelines”…click on tab at left to read). The Minis will have their very own meet, the “Lollipop Meet,” at the end of the season.

Swim Team registration, beginning in early April, is only available on-line, using the “Online Registration” tab in the upper left corner of this page. Your 2017 club dues must be paid and your emergency information updated, before you can register. Registration fees are $105 per swimmer, with a $285 family maximum. (Note that registration for the Minis is capped at 35 children.) All families (except those with just Minis) will be asked to submit information to facilitate our scheduling of volunteers for the meets. As noted above, our team has over 200 swimmers; the continued success of the team is fully contingent on the support we receive from our families.

The Marlins Rule The Pool!